‘Elephant Head’

An absolute showstopper! Named for the shape of its massive maroon seed head that resembles an elephant with its trunk raised, this heirloom annual Amaranth was first imported from Germany in the 1880s! Grows to 5’ tall (in flower) and 2’ wide with dark-veined, lightly textured green leaves. Flowers emerge in Summer and get bigger and more voluminous as the season goes on, reaching 1-2’ tall and .5-1’ wide! The seedheads make a great cut flower, lasting forever in a vase. A showy addition to the vegetable garden – leaves and seeds are edible. Or plant it as a big-bang-for-your-buck annual to quickly fill in a garden and attract lovely song birds to feast on the seeds. Showy enough to stand on its own, but looks extra impressive when planted in a group – or should we say “herd”? Reseeds reliably. Plant in fertile well-drained soil.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Average Water

All Zones