Apple Mint
(Mentha suaveolens)

Prized for its sweet, fruity fragrance and large showy leaves that can reach 4” long, this extremely ornamental wooly mint grows up to a whopping 3’ tall! Spreading, like all mints, however far you allow, it’s perfect for a large container or planting as a low-maintenance, weed-suppressing groundcover. Widely considered THE mint for making mint jelly, it’s also an excellent addition to teas, fruit salads, smoothies, and mixed drinks. On hot Summer days just crush a few leaves and drop them into a glass of cold water for a refreshing beverage. Pale pink to white flowers emerge in late Summer attracting bees. Harvest often for a more compact, bushy plant.

Plant Unicorn

Avg. Water/Moist

Perennial Herb
USDA zones 5-10