Heteromeles arbutifolia

Photos (left) courtesy of Becky Matsubara (right) Miguel Vieira

One of the best berries-for-birds plants to add to your garden! Bearing bright red Winter fruits, this evergreen CA native shrub/small tree can reach up to 10’ tall and 8’ wide with a dense habit. Featuring smooth gray bark (can grow fissured with age) and leathery 2-4” oblong, serrated leaves, in late Spring it sprouts showy clusters of small, white, mildly fragrant flowers loved by bees and butters. Blooming lasts for two months. Wildly adaptable – it’s happiest in Full Sun, but will also tolerate Shade and will take Average Water in well-draining soil, but prefers No-Summer Water (especially on the coast). An excellent choice for a showy hedge, on a slope for erosion control, or even in a very large container as a specimen plant. Plant in fast draining soil for best health.

Curious Plantsman

Low/No Summer Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 8b-10