Pennisetum glaucum
‘Purple Baron’

This burgundy-leaved ornamental “Fountain Grass” adds year-round appeal and valuable verticality to sunny beds. This wider-leaved selection (3” across) forms a showy 2’x2’ clump of strappy, arching leaves. In Summer it produces multiple 3’ tall, strongly erect stalks topped by flower heads that resemble feathery burgundy cattails. Perfect for adding eye-catching dark tones to any bed. Contrasts beautifully with wider-leaved succulents such as Aeoniums and Agaves. Flower stalks make an excellent cut flower, or leave them to go seed – they’re extremely popular with small birds. Plants acquire darkest color once fully mature and when planted in full sun – young plants or those in too much shade are often quite green. Plant in fertile well-drained soil. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

Annual Grass
All Zones