Cristaria sp.

An exceptionally RARE selection hand-plucked from the Andes mountains in Chile! Produces an airy profusion of 2” pinky-purple blooms edged in white held on thin, multi-branching stems. Supposedly reaches 5’ tall in its native climate, but for us it topped out at a more reasonable 2’x2’. Bees are drawn to the nectar-rich blooms. Flowers abundantly over several months from Spring thru Summer if planted early, or Summer ‘til first frost if planted later. Though delicate looking, this mallow is tough, not requiring a lot of water once established. Flowers sway in the breeze, making this a great choice for adding movement to an open, sunny spot. Great for containers. Best grown as an annual, but acts as a short-lived perennial in frost-free zones. Be the first on your block to grow this beauty!

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

Short-Lived Perennial
USDA zones 9b-10
(Hardy Annual Elsewhere)