Campanula celsii ssp. celsii

One of our BIGGEST THRILLS in 2020! This very rare native to coastal Greece bears an enormous number of good-sized 1.5” flaring lavender bells – and they are beautiful! Silvery-soft-green buds and silvery-green trailing foliage just add to the eye-popping allure. Ours has grown to 14” tall and 20” across in a 5 gal. container with good garden soil and a bit of compost side-dress. Trailing out of rocky crevices in its native habitat, it’s most often grown in gritty/gravely soil with low fertility such as rock or trough gardens and also the edge of raised beds or hanging baskets which provide good drainage. Removing spent flower stems promotes a longer life says our Greek seed source. Self sows.


Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 7-9
(Annual Elsewhere)