Rudbeckia hirta
‘Solar Eclipse’

"Black-eyed Susan"

An eye-catching Rudbeckia with 4” bi-colored flowers boasting a large, dramatic burgundy brown center. Reaches 2’x2’ with a thick clump of basal leaves, each covered by coarse hair, and stout branching stems. Starting in mid-Summer, it produces a profuse and seemingly endless show of vibrant gold and mahogany flowers until at least first frost! Loved by bees and butterflies, birds too will come a-calling for the seeds once it matures. Happy in heat, doesn’t need much water and is generally resistant to insects. It looks great planted in drifts, and is compact enough to add pizzazz to a container. Makes a lovely cut flower. Plant in fertile well-drained soil. Considered primarily an annual, it may yield a second year’s bloom but it won’t be as fabulous. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

All Zones