(Origanum vulgare)

Photo Courtesy of BotBin

A highly ornamental Oregano with brilliant yellow-green foliage that’s perfect for edible and ornamental gardens alike. Easy to grow, drought tolerant, deer resistant, and somewhat walkable - this low-growing herb reaches about 1’ high by 2’ wide making it perfect for the edge of a bed. The leaves can be harvested for use fresh or dried, same with the flowers which are lovely in a tea or tisane mix. Leaves are their most yellow (and most ornamental) in Spring and Fall. During Summer they green up a bit, and in Winter it goes dormant except in frost-free areas. Small pale pinky-purple flowers appear in Summer. An excellent herb for container gardening. If using as a walkable groundcover, you’ll want to mow it or cut it back to 1” tall a couple times a year to keep it from getting woody. Plant in well-draining soil in full coastal sun, or part sun inland.

Curious Plantsman

Avg./Low Water

Perennial Herb
USDA zones 4-11