Veronica sp.
"Snowy Turkish Speedwell"

Rare and exciting, this FAST, exciting and super EASY to grow groundcover – native to Turkey has performed wonderfully here in coastal California. To 1’ tall and 3’ across bearing dense multi-branching stems, you get a handsome, fairly low, drought tolerant groundcover loaded with cheery, .5” sky-facing, single white flowers from Spring into Summer at least. Most floriferous in decently draining, average to good garden soil, it does well in most situations, and is a great choice for a rock garden or spilling over a the edge of a garden wall. Nice in containers too ( 15+ gal). Deciduous in Winter here, we give it ½” top-dress of compost in January for a quick return of the foliage in February.


Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 9-10