Porophyllum tagetoides

Native to the states of Puebla and Oaxaca in Southern Mexico, this Tarragon-like herb stole my heart last year. To about 20” x 14” with lots of wispy blue-green stems and foliage, it’s the beautiful little buds that are a delight! Glossy, metallic deep purple and blue, they’re like little scalloped vases wearing topknots of deep maroon stems and tiny white flowers. Glistening in the light, they remain on the stems for months! I find the taste of the leaves delicious – like a more flavorful Cilantro, it’s used in soups, salads, salsa, with fish, and on tacos and tortas. Easily grown, you can harvest the stems and it keeps producing more over a long Spring-to-end-of-Summer season. High in Vitamin B and C, it has powerful anti-oxidant properties and is used by natives of Southern Mexico for bacterial infections and detoxing the liver. Grow it a pot or let it spill over the edge of a bed. Well-drained loamy soil. Self-sows when happy.


Sun/Part Sun
Average Water

All Zones