Delosperma ashtonii

Endless 2” glowing magenta flowers all Summer long! This ideal groundcover boasts very low-growing succulent foliage that spreads quickly (especially if it gets a bit of regular water) with a single plant eventually covering an 18” area. Incredibly hardy and drought tolerant, it needs almost no water once established. Use where you want a splash of Summer color, in a low-maintenance garden, or in a dry “problem area.” It also looks good spilling out of a container! Bees and butterflies will be regular visitors to the flowers. Plant in very well-drained soil or on a slope. Prefers full sun but can adapt to a bit of shade. Deer resistant and generally unbothered by slugs and snails. Cold hardy.

Curious Plantsman

Low/No Summer Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 5-10