Ixia hybrid

Ixia hybrid Venus
10 Bulbs per Bag

Oh, but we are smitten by this ever-so-EASY and versatile South African bulb! It wakes in Spring to produce masses of VIBRANT, star-shaped 1.5" magenta blooms that sway flirtatiously atop lithe (but strong) stems that grow to 2' tall and it keeps right on blooming all the way thru Summer. Ideal for borders or dry beds, it's also an absolutely perfect choice for a container - all the better to over-Winter the bulbs in chillier areas! In the garden it holds great appeal to butterflies, bees and birds and what a super-star, long-lasting cut flower! Post-bloom season, 'Venus' goes dormant - if you expect a deep freeze, lift bulbs, or provide a little protection (mulch or straw). Needs VERY little Summer water, not super fussy about conditions, but prefers a sunny spot with sandy, well-draining soil.

Sun/Pt. sun
Low/No Summer Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 9-10