'Pink Sugar'

Hot-pink bi-color flowers bloom YEAR ROUND on this South African native. Showy ever-silver, scalloped leaves form a dense 6” high x 24” wide mound that flowers all year, including right thru Winter! Absolutely stunning candy-hued 3” daisy-like blooms are a brilliant pink on the outside with a central ring of yellow-orange surrounding a dark chocolatey brown center. Extremely hardy, heat tolerant and drought tolerant once established. Butterflies love the nectar rich flowers and I’ve also seen bees collecting nectar on my specimen. They make a colorful addition to a dry or low-maintenance garden. Excellent for the front of a bed where they spill attractively over the edge. Plant it singly for a burst of Winter color, or en’ masse for an attractive high groundcover. Deadheading prolongs the flowering period. Trim to maintain an attractive form. Can be grown as an annual in cold climates. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

USDA zones 9-10
(Annual Elsewhere)