'Pink Sugar'

Just the prettiest thing for the dry/dry-ish well-drained garden! Indulging our need for showy flowers over a long season, this tough, tidy and well-behaved “African Daisy” pumps out loads-o-blooms from Spring to Fall at least! Cheery 3” rich pink “daisies” sport showy circus-like radiating rings of magenta and gold around a large, showy black eye.  And they’re offset to perfection above a fuzzy ever-silver densely held 6” x 20” foliar mound.  Ideal as a colorful filler in succulent gardens or mixed containers and EASY enough for parking strips. Just provide drainage, a side-dress of compost annually and cut back a bit to refresh in Fall. Bees and butterflies. Deer resistant!.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 9-11
(Annual Elsewhere)