Arctostaphylos x
‘Ron Clendenen’

An outstanding evergreen groundcover shrub “Manzanita” hybrid from the Regional Parks Botanic Garden (Tilden Botanic). A prostrate CA native selection, it tops out at 6-12” tall but will spread 3-5’ wide with small, shiny green foliage. It features exceptionally pretty pale pink urn-shaped flowers, produced in great numbers in Fall and Winter. A perfect selection as a tough-as-nails groundcover for a sunny to part sun location. The flowers are popular destinations for bees and hummers, and give way to berries much coveted by birds. Prefers well-draining sandy or loamy soil. Once established needs little summer water. Slow growing but long-lived! Give relief from midday heat in hotter regions.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Sun
Low/No Summer Water

CA Native Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9b-10