Cercis chinensis
"Chinese Redbud"

With enchanting purplish-pink early Spring blooms & fabulous golden Fall color, this redbud species hailing from China makes a perfect garden focal point. It’s more pest and disease resistant than the native species and boasts glossier leaves, larger purplish-pink flowers and longer seedpods (to 5”) than the Eastern redbud (C. canadensis). It forms a dense, multi-branching shrub/small tree in the 10-15’ height range. Blooms before leafing out with dense clusters of tiny pea-like Flowers that, depending on the weather, persist for 2-4 weeks beginning in early Spring. Glossy, 5” heart-shaped leaves follow as the flowers fade. It’s small size makes it perfect for any yard and it can even be grown in a (very) large container. Plant in well composted, fast-draining soil. Use a balanced fertilizer to maintain health. Flowering branches make a lovely floral arrangement.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Sun
Average Water

Perennial Tree
USDA zones 6-10