Delostoma roseum

A RARE and exotic pink-flowering small-large tree that flowers up to 9 months out of the year! The 3” long, light to rosy-pink trumpet-shaped blooms appear in panicles of 2 or 3, sprouting from the stems from Summer thru to first frost. This hummingbird favorite, hailing from the South American Andes, forms a dense shrubby tree comprised of glossy, Magnolia-like, lightly crinkled leaves. If left unpruned, specimens can reach 30’ high by 20’ wide, though they can easily be kept to 10’x10’. Makes an eye-catching focal point. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Water weekly in its first year of growth, then cut back to once every 3 weeks once established. Prune lightly in Winter to refresh. Evergreen in frost-free zones, but will go deciduous below freezing, returning in the Spring. Regular fertilizing with a balanced formula will help specimens establish quickly in year one.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Sun
Average Water

Perennial Tree
USDA zones 9b-10