Penstemon superbus
‘Pink Form’
“Coral Penstemon”

My favorite new plant for 2020! A show-stopper for the well-drained garden! Native to rocky Southwest, we were thrilled to discover how well this “superb” Penstemon performs here in coastal California! Remarkably luminous, rich coral-pink blooms appear at least 30 to a stem and you get A LOT of these erect stems. What’s more, the lance shaped foliage – a lovely powdery blue-gray – complements the flowers. Bloom season is from mid to late Spring and extended by providing some moisture and removing spent stems. EASY, FAST GROWING and robust in infertile , fast-draining soil (NO CLAY) or in a container. Cold and drought tolerant . Hummers, butterflies and sphinx moths! To 2-5’ tall x 2’ across. Deer/rabbit resistant once established.


Full Sun (Coast)
Pt.Sun (Hotter Areas)
Low Water

USDA zones 5-9