Coleonema pulchellum
‘Sunset Gold’

Tough, beautiful and long blooming! This golden-leaved variety of “Pink Breath of Heaven” is a favorite choice of landscapers. It’s an adaptable, long-lived evergreen shrub that offers fine-textured foliage and, beginning in early Summer charming, lightly fragrant, small pink flowers appear in abundance. Reaching up to 4’ high and 7’ wide, its unfussy sturdiness makes it ideal for a fluffy hedge and its brilliant foliage adds a splash of color to any bed. Normally unbothered by disease or pests, it’s earned the reputation as a trouble free year-round performer. Plant in average to fertile well-drained soil. Prune to shape. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Sun
Low Water

USDA zones 9-10