Illicium floridanum
“Aniseseed Tree”

An aromatic evergreen shrub with large, showy leaves and exotic looking burgundy star-shaped flowers! Native to the marshy areas of Florida and Georgia, it forms a broadleaf shrub 6-10’ tall and wide with its glossy 6” olive-green leaves that release a spicy anise scent when crushed. It bursts into bloom in late Spring with an abundance of curious 2” flowers comprised of 20-30 strap-shaped petals. Flowers are followed by lustrous, star-shaped fruits. Not fussy about soil, this vigorous shrub is perfect as an understory planting. Illicium in Latin means “allurement” and the exhilarating combo of foliage, flower and fragrance bring that to life with this beauty!

Curious Plantsman

Pt. Shade/Shade
Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 6-9