Meconopsis paniculata

RARE yellow-flowering “Himalayan Poppy” that produces an abundance of large, lemon-hued, papery flowers – each stem can produce 50 flowers or more!  Forming a 1-2’ rosette of lobed, pinnate basal leaves attractively covered in fine golden hairs, in Summer it puts up a 4-5’ tall flowering stem adorned with felted leaves. Starting at the top, clusters of open-faced 2” lemon yellow, ruffled flowers begin to unfurl, providing an extended Summer bloom season. This is a great choice for a morning sun, low water bed - providing both color and a sturdy vertical element. Plant in part sun along the coast to bright shade inland. Tolerant of a variety of soils as long as they drain. Monocarpic though it may self-sow.

Curious Plantsman

Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 6-9