‘Snow’s Fancy Pickling’

Considered one of the absolute best cucumbers for pickling since its introduction over 100 years ago – this thin fleshed variety produces high yields of 5” crispy cukes perfect for brining or eating straight off the vine! Believe it or not, Cucumbers are tropical plants, so make sure temperatures in your area are consistently in the 70’s before planting. Provide plenty of water, exceptionally rich soil, and fertilize often for best vigor and production. Plants can be allowed to trail on the ground but growing them up a trellis will help protect the fruits and save garden space. Try planting dill nearby – it will not only to help with Cucumber pest management, it’ll also be indispensable come picklin’ time!

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Avg. Water/Moist

Annual Edible
All Zones
50-60 Days to Maturity