‘Snow Crown’

The perfect easy-to-grow, early season Cauliflower! Forms a dense, creamy white head up to 8” across and weighting up to 2 lbs. with an exceptional sweet, mild flavor. Grow for Summer, Fall, and even a Winter harvest in mild climates. If planting in the Spring be sure to get it in the ground before temperatures creep too high as this early variety doesn’t love the heat and you’ll end up with leafy greens tucked into the head and a pink blush on your “curds”. Harvest heads the moment you notice the crown beginning to separate – you want a nice, tight head! Can be eaten raw, roasted, steamed, mashed, pickled, fried, whatevs! Provide rich, well-drained soil and water regularly. Reaches 12-18” tall and 18-24” wide, space plants 1-2’ apart.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Edible
USDA zones 3-10
50-60 Days to Harvest