Never tried a rutabaga? You’re not alone! So many of us have never tasted one of these classic cold season root vegetables. I hadn’t, until a friend introduced me to “Mashed Roots” made from this heirloom variety. I could not believe how sweet and delectably creamy it was! It actually put mashed potatoes to shame! They are also wonderful baked or fried as well. And the foliage is edible, too! These superior Rutabagas have a distinct purple top with a creamy yellow to golden yellow root and flesh. The rounded, softball sized nutritional powerhouses are sweeter and tastier than other Rutabagas, with an added savory quality that sets them apart. So easy to grow in the cool season. Just give them rich well-drained soil, average water in a sunny spot and watch the fat Kale-like greens develop to a nice, bushy 1-2’.

Gardener at Large

Sun/Part Shade
Average Water

Annual Edible
All Zones