‘Celestial Blue’

A happy-accident-hybrid, this CA native Sage combines the best of perennial favorites S. clevelandii and S. pachyphylla! This delightfully tough-but-sweet evergreen shrub prospers under the most difficult of gardening conditions while offering up a proliferation of 1-2’ spikes of vivid blue-violet blooms bursting from brilliantly contrasting ruby-tinged calyces – the spectacle lasts from early Spring thru Summer.  Grows to 3-4’ tall with silvery, decidedly aromatic foliage. The cut flowers bring a heady sage scent and bright pop of color indoors - suitable for fresh or dried arrangements! A shoo-in for quickly filling some of the more challenging gardening situations including clay, sand or rocky soil. Happy with just a little water occasionally. Deer resistant. Avoid soggy roots for a happy plant.

Plant Entusiast

Avg./Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 8-11