Mimulus fruticosus
(syn. Hemichaena fruticosa)

This VERY RARE yellow-flowering plant hailing from Chiapis Mexico is a most unusual “Monkey Flower” Not only does it hail from a different part of the world but it forms a dense and multi-branching shrub that gets a very un-Mimulus like 4-5’ tall and 2-3’ wide. It forms an evergreen thicket of linear mint-green leaves, each 1-2” wide and 8-10” long. The 1.5” bright yellow flowers sprout in clusters attached to the stems, each open-faced bloom sporting pronounced red spotting (to help pollinators find the nectar). Blooming begins in late Spring and continues well into late Summer. Once established, the combo of lush green foliage and sunny flowers makes for quite the show! This is an ideal shrub to use as a focal point in a sunny bed, somewhere where visitors can enjoy both its blooms and the many pollinators that will be regular visitors. Plant in part to full sun in coastal areas, part shade inland. Provide fertile, well-drained soil. Deadhead to prolong blooming.

Curious Plantsman

Pt.Sun/Sun (Coast)
Pt.Shade (Inland)

Average Water

USDA zones 9b-11