Photo courtesy of Mattie Hagedorn

Universally praised for its especially sweet taste and texture, as well as its growing vigor, this disease resistant white Parsnip makes a great plant for a beginning gardener! “Old fashioned” root vegetables are experiencing a comeback as nutritionists, chefs and home cooks alike realize that the foods our grandparents grew and cooked turn out to be some of the most versatile and healthful foods we can eat. For me, anyway, a simple pot roast with a perfectly cooked parsnip is as gourmet as it gets! Bushy, green leaves form a 18”x18” mound over the smooth, white, flavorful root which can reach 10”-12” long. Prepare them as you would carrots or potatoes – raw, roasted, fried, steamed, or mashed. It wants full sun, consistent water, and a rich soil, so amend its planting area with a good quality compost and make sure the soil is well draining! Cold weather improves the flavor. 90 days to harvest.

Marti B.,
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Moist/Avg. Water

Biennial Vegetable
USDA zones 2-11
90 Days to Maturity