‘Bel Fiore’

Photo by Goldlocki

A beautiful all-season Radicchio! It won’t just frizzle and give up the ship in warm weather or bolt and pfffft, end of story. That’s right, warm weather to cool, this beautiful wine-red speckled favorite can provide that desirable nutty, mildly bitter punch to salads almost year-round! Or braise it in a skillet with balsamic and a bit of honey! Or just however you like it, whenever you like it! In the garden it may look like just another vaguely mottled healthy head of lettuce, but pull off a few of those outer protective leaves and, oh my, the beauty emerges - a luscious interior of heavily variegated deep red splashings all across a creamy white background. You can tuck these perfect little 4.5” heads just about anywhere in your garden, though in hot climates dappled shade in the afternoon is best. Make sure to give them a nice composty soil that is well draining and water regularly, giving them an extra drink on hot days. Harvest when no larger than 4.5”. Bon appetit!

Marti B.,
Gardener at Large

Sun/Part Sun
Average Water

Annual Edible
All Zones