Roldana petasitis
“Velvet Groundsel”
(syn. Senecio petasitis)

Gorgeous tropicalesque foliage and HUGE Winter blooms make for an unbeatable combo! Native to southern Mexico and Central America, this bushy, fairly densely multi-branching shrub to 8-10’ high and wide boasts big, beautiful 8” velvety leaves. In late Winter or early Spring (January in the SF Bay Area) MASSIVE 12” high by 8” wide inflorescences featuring hundreds of ½” bright yellow flowers rise above the showy foliage. Fluffy seedpods follow. EVERGREEN down to 20-25 degrees F, below that it may go deciduous. In Summer-Fall, prune back to 30” tall to maintain a bushy habit and provide a 1” layer of compost for extra va-voom! Sometimes known as “California Geranium”, it is deer resistant, not picky about soil, tolerates drought, and the occasional cold snap. Highly recommended!

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Average Water

USDA zones 9-10