Italian Oregano
(Origanum x majoricum)

A sweeter, more versatile Oregano than can be used raw or cooked without overpowering a dish. Harvest the leaves and/or flowers as needed. Grows 1-1.5’ tall and wide and spreads along the ground over time to form a weed-suppressing mat. The clusters of white or pale pink blooms that emerge in Summer are absolutely charming and a favorite of bees! In leaf or in flower, cuttings make a beautiful, fragrant, long-lasting addition to kitchen bouquets. Perfect for the edge of a bed or a container (5 gal.+). Provide good drainage and average water until established, after the first year reduce water to low. Cut back to a couple inches from the ground at any time to refresh.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Edible
USDA zones 5-10