Delphinium variegatum
“Royal Larkspur”

An exceptionally showy, richly colored CA native Delphinium with a profusion of intense royal or gentian purple-blue flowers! Found in grasslands and open woodlands in California coastal ranges and foothills, it grows from thick roots, sending up lightly hairy stems and leaves that are divided and forked at regular intervals. Spring foliage is followed by Summer flowers. Reaching 15-20” tall, each branching inflorescence holds up to 25 widely-spaced flowers each with a small white eye! The five overlapping petals can range in color from deep purple to royal blue to violet. As with other Delphiniums, the flowers stay open for several weeks before fading. They’re perfect cutting. Give it lots of sun and a little water and it will reward you with a stunning Summer show. With good drainage, it will return each year, gradually clumping out. Bees, hummers and butterflies will thank you! Deer resistant but bait for snails.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 4-10