Allium unifolium
“Oneleaf Onion”

A charming ornamental onion native to moist grasslands along the coastal ranges of California from Humboldt County south to San Luis Obispo County. It forms clumps of slightly flattened grass-like leaves to 16”. Among them are slightly taller flower stalks each producing an umbel that opens in late Spring to a collection of ½” lilac-pink 6-petaled flowers. Each petal features a darker rib. An abundance of cheerful bloomer that, despite its common name, features 2-4 leaves. Bulblets form at the end of the rhizomes, multiplying over time. Unlike most bulbs, this wild onion thrives in clay soil. Plant full sun. Not fussy about soils though it seems at home in clayish soils. Water regularly during growth and bloom seasons then cut back and let plants go dormant in late Summer. Plant it where you want a spritely splash of color (bearing in mind it will be dormant 7 months of the year). Easy, reliable, deer-proof and popular with butterflies.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Average Water

CA Native Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 5-10