Oxalis nidulans

A RARE Oxalis with highly-decorative 1” lavender-pink flowers which look like tiny roses! Forms a low bed (2-4” tall) of green tri-petaled, clover-like foliage, with the occasional dark blush to the leaves. This South African member of the wood sorrel family blooms late Fall thru Spring. If grown as a house plant bloom times may vary. Summer dormant, it awakens from its slumber in Fall. As with other wood sorrels, it will like relief from the heat, so morning or filtered sun is best. Plant in well-drained neutral to slightly acidic soil. Naturalizes readily in most gardens, spreading to fill in bare spaces. Given its beautiful flowers, you might want to grow it in a pot and place for maximum viewing effect. Be the first on your block to grow this charming and tough little bulb!

Curious Plantsman

Shade/Pt. Shade
Low Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 7-10