Buddleja coriacea

Photos by Plantaholic Sheila

A RARE “Butterfly Bush” that blooms between December and June. Hailing from the mountains of Bolivia and Peru, it’s prized for its clusters of attractive orange flowers and its handsome 2” long, dark green waxy leaves with contrasting undersides covered in a cinnamon-brown fuzz. The scented inflorescences are held at the tips of the branches, each comprised of 3-8 1” clusters of tiny flowers that age from yellow-orange to red-orange. Grows into a densely crowned, sprawling 10-20’ shrub or tree, branching almost at ground level and featuring showy fissured bark. Evergreen in frost-free zones. It’s useful as a wind break, privacy screen, or located anywhere you want a tough and beautiful large shrub/small tree that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil. Provide regular water from late Spring to Fall then reduce in Winter so plants do not become water-logged. Mulch to protect from light freezes

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Average Water

Perennial Shrub/Tree
USDA zones 8-10