'Double White'

15 Bulbs per Bag
*Bulb size varies, Size does not affect viability*

One of the most romantic and fragrant cut flowers!Producing flower stems almost 2’ tall (!) topped by a cascade of massive, glittery white blooms over 2” across that emerge superbly ruffled and eventually unfurl to reveal a peek-a-boo kiss of yellow on a pristine, open-mouthed form. It’s the perfect Spring bloomer for our Mediterranean climate! Emerges from dormancy in late Fall when the rains come, forming a lush mound of deer-resistant, sword-shaped leaves. Numerous flower stalks appear in Spring held well above the foliage. Plant 2” deep and 3” apart. Give it good drainage and provide average water during active growth and low-no water during Summer dormancy. Lift bulbs in colder zones before first frost. Degree of doubly-ness may vary.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 8-11