Lathyrus odoratus
‘Frances Kate’

This newtrue blueLathyrus is so darned beautiful it deserves a place in everyone’s garden! Large 2.5-3” frilly blooms with swaths of gorgeous navy blue on a white ground are picotee edged with an even deeper blue, held out on long perfect-for-cutting stems for an entire season. With support for it to climb they can reach 5’ or taller and about 2.5’ wide when planted in rich, composted, well-draining soil with average water. For the healthiest blooms, plant directly in the ground or a large wine barrel sizedcontainerwith the roots in a wee bit of shade, but where the foliage will grow up into a sun filled spot. Harvest your flowers frequently to keep those wonderfully scented blooms coming over the longest period. In the meantime enjoy all thebutterflieswho love your pretty, sweet peas as much as you will! In coastal areas fall planting will bring the earliest spring blooms!

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Vine
All Zones