Montanoa atriplicifolia

Photo by cultivar413

A rare Winter-blooming “Tree Daisy” that offers up masses offragrant, 2-3” white daisy flowers from October thru February!Hailing from Mexico down to South America, this cloud forest tree is more of a shrubby vine in our lower elevations. Growing quickly to 10-15’ tall and wide, it features lightly toothed, 3-5” green leaves that provide a verdant backdrop for the shower of Winter flowers, so profuse they entirely envelope the plant! Some say theysmell like vanilla, some say cupcakes- Either way, yum! Flowers are followed by multi-faceted, lime-green seedpods that are nearly as decorative as the blooms. Plant in sun to light shade in fertile well-drained soil. It will appreciate regular watering, less in the Winter as temperatures cool. Feed with a bloom fertilizer for heaviest flowering. Cut back after flowering to encourage healthy new growth. Mulch roots to protect from frost.

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USDA zones 9-11