Jordaaniella spongiosa
(syn. Cephalophyllum spongiosum)

The largest and showiest flowers in the genus.This colorful succulent from Namaqualand, South Africa boasts large 2” brilliant pink flowers accented by extraordinary yellow centers that seem to glow in the sun.Blooming from May to September!Silken, lustrous flowers burst open and overtaking the foliage. This vibrant low-growing, drought tolerant, evergreen reaches 6-8” tall and 18” wide over time. Planted in drifts, the flowers provide a dazzling weed-suppressing carpet for a sunny bed. Its green foliage is stubby with pink tipped fingers about an inch in length. Prefers little or no water in its native habitat. An ideal choice for erosion control or a semi-neglected area. Excellent as a pollinator plant (butterflies and bees especially). Deer resistant. Not fussy about soil, though it prefers a well-drained environment.

Curious Plantsman

No Summer Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 6-10