Heuchera sanguinea

Photo provided by Ghislainll8

Add brilliant color to a shady spot! ‘Firefly’ puts on a blooming show to catch any gardener’s eye, withplumes of brilliant red from late Spring to early Fall!Light green, scalloped leaves form a rosette about 6-10” tall and 12-18” wide. Attractive in their own right, these leaves are an excellent habitat plant for small animals and beneficial insects. In Spring scarlet red flowers appear, on numerous strongly vertical stems reaching to 18” creating an explosion of color. Though flowers are dainty, each of the many, many spikes sport dozens of flowers much beloved by hummers.When mass planted, it puts on a dazzling show!Great as a container plant. Plant in morning or filtered sun in fertile, humus-rich well-drained soil. If planted in a climate with a hard freeze, mulch plants in Winter to protect the roots. Very hardy and requires only a bit of regular water once established. Deadhead for continuous bloom and to prevent plants from going to seed. Hardy to -40 degrees F, evergreen down to 0 degrees F.

Curious Plantsman

Low/Avg. Water

USDA zones 3-8