Echium fastuosum
‘Eddie’s Blue’

This vibrant blue-flowering selection hails from our own back yard, well, actually from Annie’s neighbor’s yard. The original seed-grown plant produced the most captivating TRUE-BLUE (not purple!) blooms on an exuberantly floriferous plant. Annie got permission to take cuttings and now it’s time to bring out the clones! Rapidly filling out to 6’ tall and wide with Familiar narrow, gray-green leaves, in late Spring 20” tall conical flower spikes densely populated with the most exquisite ½” cerulean blue flowers burst into bloom. Pink stamens add a sparkle at the center of each flower. Exceptionally dramatic in full bloom so make sure to plant it where people can experience it. A magnet for bees, hummers and butters. Tough as nails, deer resistant, and drought tolerant once established. Provide good drainage. Excellent for hillsides and low-maintenance gardens.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun

Low Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-10