‘Ultra Violet’

The perfect marriage between beauty and practicality! This new variety of Arctotis from the SF Botanical Garden showcase 3” wide flowers with pink petals highlighted by cerise ribs for that extra dazzle. This tough-as-nails, weed-suppressing groundcover can handle some light critter traffic. Perfect for sunny median strips, or in a dry garden bed where their brilliant multi-colored flowers can put on a blooming show from late Summer thru early Winter. Pollen-rich centers attract bees and butterflies. Flowers rise 3-5” above mounding 6-12” high wavy foliage. Over time, each plant will form a 30” wide mound of silvery delight. Tenacious once established, it slowly colonizes an area via underground rhizomes. Not fussy about soils but requires good drainage (no heavy clay). Deadhead for prolonged blooming and for an attractive appearance. Cut back to 5” tall and side-dress with one inch of compost anytime to refresh. Deer resistant. Hardy to 25 degrees F. Grown as an annual in colder climates, it may self-seed.

Curious Plantsman

Low Water

USDA zones 9-10
(Annual Elsewhere)