'Red Rocket'

Our two favorite biennial Echiums had a baby! This cross betweenE. wildpretii and E. hybrid ‘Mr. Happy’has produced a colorful and tough hybrid with fiery red blooms! In its first year, it forms the same 30” wide rosette of soft and silvery leaves as E. wildpretii, then in year two sends up a strong conical flower spike that can reach 6’ or more (often MUCH more) smothered in clusters of ½” rosy-red, cup-shaped flowersmuch adored by beesthat open in slow secession over many months. Tough and durable like all Echiums, this cross is slightlymore cold hardythan the straight species, handling temperatures down to at least 20°F. Plant in fast draining soil in a sunny spot. Very drought tolerant. Use this showstopper as a focal point or in a xeriscape garden with cacti, Aloes, Agaves and Yuccas. It self-sows and is great for colonizing a hillside

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun

Low Water

USDA zones 8b-10