Agave ovatifolia
‘Frosty Blue’

This Sean Hogan selection of “Whale’s Tongue Agave” is notable for its almost turquoise hue, with a subtle powdery overlay adding to its allure. A non-offsetting succulent, it forms a rounded rosette of short (8-12”) wide leaves that are distinctively cupped. Mature plants can reach 2-5’ tall and 3-6’ wide over an 8-10 year period. Each leaf has tiny rigid teeth ringing its perimeter and is capped by a one inch terminal spine. Though it will likely take years to bloom, plants eventually produce a striking 10-14’ tall spike sporting greenish-yellow flowers. Hailing from NE Mexico, it’s one of the most cold-hardy Agaves, hardy down to 5 degrees F! Adaptable when it comes to watering - it’s tough enough to withstand long dry periods but will grow bigger faster if given a bit of regular moisture. That said, a winter dry location is important for it to prosper. Grow in full sun in very well-drained soil. Perfect for a dry garden and its enchanting color and architectural form make for a striking container plant.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun

Low/No Summer Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 7-10