chinense var. rubrum

Photo (left) by 松岡明芳

A super showy shrub with year round “wow”! Winter and Spring it’s is covered in loose pom-poms of fragrant, fuschia colored blooms that contrast theatrically with its burgundy foliage. Continues to bloom off and on all year in mild climates, enticing butterflies and bees! Can be trained as a lovely small (6’) ornamental tree or left as a stunning bush. Can reach 6’x6’, but it absolutely loves haircuts and will be even lusher in form and bloom more profusely when trimmed – it can even be hedged down to 3’x3’. Naturally creates a fountain-shaped form with arching branches covered in sumptuous foliage that comes in burgundy, and takes on green hues as it matures. Evergreen in mild Winter areas, it’s semi-evergreen in colder climates. Requires no deadheading. Can take full sun but prefers part-shade in hottest areas. Provide well-draining soil and low water once established. Compost twice a year with high-quality compost for its best performance.

Marti B.,
Gardener at Large


Low/Avg. Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 7-10