'Bowles' Mauve'

In constant bloom from early Spring till Fall and you couldn’t get any EASIER TO GROW really, every garden should have some! Not fussy about soil or water (once established), this 2'x2' perennial “Wallflower” creates an attractive rounded form of slender purplish-grey leaves topped with a continuous wave of lightly scented 1” single purple-violet flowers on upright 8” stems. The blooms fade to lilac for a cool two-toned effect. Great for long-lasting color in cottage or dryish gardens and containers and highly rewarding for beginning gardeners. Deadhead and trim back at end of season to keep it nice and neat. Strikes easily from cuttings for new plants. Evergreen in USDA zones 8-10. Clayish tolerant. Deer resistant! Butterflies and bees!


Sun/Pt. Sun

Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 5-10