'Rainbow Marcella'

Another “Coneflower” that has successfully overwintered here in our wet and mild Winter climate! And an Echinacea you will certainly fall in love with, just as we did! A super heavy bloomer with lots and lots of big – almost 4”-across heart-melting bi-colored raspberry and peach pinwheels surrounding a prominent central cherry-burgundy “cone”. More compact than most Echinaceas, to only 18” x 18”, you can easily plant them right up front of the bed. Also great in containers. Well-drained average garden soil. Butterfly magnet! Cut flowers! So pretty, easy to grow, and incredibly floriferous! Echinaceas are one of the most beloved flowers in American gardens – they attract butterflies and bees, and their seeds held in fat and fluffy maroon center cones are absolute manna to wild birds! Deer and rabbit resistant!


Full Sun
Low/Avg. Water

USDA zones 5-10a
(USPP# 28,573)