'3D Double Purple'

This showy “African Daisy” offers double the appeal, each bloom adding a raised center rosette of smaller quilled petals to the outer ring of oblong two-tone maroon petals. The darker-toned vertical quills hold nectar popular with bees and butterflies. And unlike regular “African Daisies”, this long blooming perennial’s 3” flowers are open for business 24 hours a day! Flowers arrive in late Winter and bloom continuously until the hot weather arrives. Lanceolate dark green leaves to 2” flush out on 12-20” tall plants. Use as a high ground cover. Plants are drought tolerant once established and will spread. Likes fertile well-drained soil, though it can tough out less friendly conditions. Let soil dry out between waterings. Grown as an annual in climates that get a freeze. Deer and rabbit resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun

Low Water

USDA zones 10-11
(Annual Elsewhere)