Hakonechloa macra
'All Gold'

Prized above almost all other plants in my garden, Hakonechola ‘All Gold’ has provided so much graceful beauty, captivating movement, drama and sparkle everywhere I have it planted and it’s so easy to grow! Incredibly elegant, this queen of ornamental grasses forms a rounded 18” high by 24” wide “skirt” of long, draping, soft, grass-like golden foliage that glimmers, fluffs and flutters in the breeze, conjuring visions of a ballerina dancing in a gilded multi-layered tutu. It compliments absolutely every nearby plant, bringing shyer plants that might otherwise go unnoticed into focus. Prefers part shade/part sun and provides a luxuriance to the garden Spring thru Fall. As a bonus, I have seen wild birds shelter and forage under its “skirts” with their young. Magical placed in deeper shade where its color is a vivid chartreuse. Somewhat slow growing and deer resistant, it likes moist well-draining rich soil. Prune when new shoots begin to emerge, early Spring or late Fall in mild Winter climates. Insignificant yellow flowers in late Summer.

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Avg. Water/Moist

USDA zones 4-10