Summer Squash
'Ronde de Nice'

Photo provided by 305 Seahill

A French heirloom squash, ‘Ronde de Nice’ is very tender, and some people who dislike zucchini just love its delicate but NOT bland flavor. Ball shaped and light green with speckles, its thin skin (easily damaged in transport) makes it perfect for a home garden. Pick at tennis ball size for steaming and sauteing. Larger squashes are excellent for stuffing. ‘Ronde de Nice’ has a tidy bush habit and grows 24-30” tall and 18” across. Plant 2’ apart in garden soil well amended with compost, and as with all squashes, keep the plants evenly watered to avoid bitterness and blossom end rot. Water at the base (keep leaves dry) and surrounding the plants with damp newspapers covered with compost suppresses weeds and keeps the soil from drying out.

Anni J.

Full Sun

Moist/Avg. Water

Annual Vegetable
All Zones
50 Days