Summer Squash
'Flying Saucer' F1

Photo by Josh Hincks

In a fun and attention getting move, a scalloped squash morphs into a UFO with fancy deeply scalloped edges and bright colors of yellow and green. Fortunately, it’s not all flash! ‘Flying Saucer’ ismore disease resistantthan the traditional kind, very prolific and tender with a sweet, nutty, yet savory flavor. Use young squashes sautéed, grilled or steamed (the strong colors are retained if not overcooked); the bigger ones hollow out easily for stuffing. The colors are temperature sensitive with less yellow in very hot weather. Plant in well amended garden soil and keep the plants evenly watered (mulch helps), but keep the leaves dry. Its habit is fairly compact with 5’ long vines.

Anni J.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun

Moist/Avg. Water

Annual Vegetable
All Zones