Photo by Josh Hincks

An intoxicatingly fragrant green-fleshed muskmelon that ripens early in the season.The favorite melon in our 2017 trials!This heirloom variety, also known as “Israel Melon”, was named for the kibbutz it was popularized at. It produces 2-4 lb. honey-flavored green-fleshed fruits on vigorous, productive vines. Plant 3-5 plants in a 2ft mound of well-draining rich soil with plenty of compost, side dress with compost regularly. As the melons ripen, check on them regularly as they generally slip from the vine when ready. Can be interplanted with Lettuce, Beans, Peas, Corn, Pumpkins, Squash, and Peppers.Well adapted to cooler climates.Hand pollinate for more fruit set, though I managed to get 2-4 melons per vine without any interference. Cut back on water three weeks before harvesting to increase sweetness.


Full Sun

Average Water

Annual Edible
All Zones
75-80 Days to Harvest